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San Francisco Roofing Tips From Our Contractors

Making the right choice for a building’s roofing system is one of the most important decisions a facility manager can make. To help you navigate the process, our San Francisco roofing company recommends keeping the following pros and cons of different roofing systems in mind. Specifically, this post looks at metal roofing, built-up roofing, and single-ply roofing.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing’s chief selling point is its extra-long life span of up to 70 years. They are also both environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. They reflect solar heat, helping keep air-conditioning costs down. Insulation can mitigate the noise of these roofing systems. A similar warning applies to storm damage: Metal roofs can be dented; however, choosing the right materials can make them more resistant to falling objects such as hail. The chief drawback to metal roofs is their relatively high cost. But if one fits your facility’s budget, when it comes to San Francisco roofing, a metal roof can be a stylish, forward-thinking choice.

Built-Up Roofs

Built-up roofing systems are commonplace on buildings with flat roofs. Their advantages include relatively low installation costs and maintenance needs, higher resistance to foot traffic, and a long life span of up to three decades, assuming a solid maintenance plan is in place. However, these roofs are somewhat heavy and are not overly aesthetic, and they are better suited to warm weather than cold. Still, they’re widespread for a reason: These roofs are functional and perfectly fit many buildings’ needs.

Single-Ply Roofs

Single-ply roofs are even more common than built-up roofs. They are cheap to install and come in colors that help reflect or retain heat, lowering a building’s utility costs. Additionally, they are not as heavy as other options and are relatively flexible, meaning the movements of buildings don’t disrupt them easily. However, these roofs’ selling points come with disadvantages: They are not nearly as durable as other options, with some suffering considerable damage within seven years.

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