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It takes years of planning to make a large investment on a new commercial or industrial roof. How many times have you deferred the replacement of the roof because of budget constraints, wrong timing, or simply unsure of the commercial roofing system you want to install? We understand that making this type of capital investment is not easy and choosing a roof system you can depend on is even harder. The commercial and industrial roofing industry is flooded with roofing options and finding a good roofing contractor you can trust, can be difficult. At Ben’s Roofing, Inc. we try to provide you with the information you need to make a wise roofing choice. Often times, providing a good-better-best option for your commercial building brings clarity to the situation. Is there always a perfect solution? Not necessarily. The commercial roofing system you may have installed on one building may not be the best option for another. We are certified by some of the best roofing manufacturers in our industry. You can be assured that we can offer you a quality commercial roofing product on every project.

Bay Area Commercial / Industrial Re-Roofing

6We have experience in the following commercial and industrial re-roof applications:

  • Asphalt applied commercial roof systems
  • Torch applied roof systems
  • Self-Adhered roof systems
  • Single Ply PVC roof systems
  • Single Ply TPO roof systems
  • Single Ply KEE roof systems
  • Composition shingle roof systems
  • Concrete and Clay tile roof systems
  • Wood shingle and wood shake roof systems
  • Fluid applied commercial roof coatings

Emergency Commercial and Industrial Roofing Repairs

Ben’s Roofing, Inc. has an Oakland Bay Area roofing service team that offers emergency roofing services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We can be reached by calling our office where you will be directed to an answering service. Overtime rates do apply to all emergency services.
Call us at our Oakland office 510-690-8570