San Francisco Roofing Experts Discuss Common Commercial Roofing Issues

Facility managers have an important task: keeping the buildings they oversee safe. A big part of that task is proper roof maintenance. If you’re a facility manager, our Bay Area commercial roof repair company has compiled the following 10 roof care tips just for you.

1. Don’t Walk on the Roof Too Much

While sturdy, commercial roofs aren’t meant to have people walking around on them for extended periods of time. Try to limit the time you and others spend up there.

2. Don’t Let Leaks Linger

Even if it’s a seemingly small one, letting a leak linger is a surefire route to more extensive damage. Get them fixed promptly.

3. Look for Damage after Storms

Storms pose a threat to any property’s roof, and commercial facilities are no exception. Whenever a storm strikes, try to do a visual inspection. It’s also recommended by Industry Today and roofing pros that you look for leaks inside.

4. Invest in Twice Yearly Inspections

One of the best things you can do for the roofs under your watch is to have them inspected twice a year. Consider hiring a local company for the task; for instance, a San Francisco commercial roofing contractor will have knowledge of the particular challenges the city’s climate poses.

5. Mind the Gutters

Because gutters funnel water away from your property, having them cleaned regularly is an important task. Failing to do so can cause water to pool up, eventually leading to leaks and other issues.

6. Clean the Roof

Your roof also requires regular cleaning. That will help head off problems such as mold, which thrives in dirty, wet conditions.

7. Prune Overhanging Trees

Trees with branches overhanging your roof can pose a threat by becoming dangerous falling objects during a storm. Tree care companies can take care of pruning them for you.

8. Clear Snow

Snow is another weather-based problem that can threaten roofs. Have it cleared so that its weight or melting water don’t cause issues.

9. Monitor Equipment

Many facilities have equipment on their roofs. Continually monitor that equipment and have problems corrected so that, for instance, sparks or leaks do not cause harm to your roof.

10. Check Roofers’ Credentials

Finally, at Ben’s Roofing, our Bay Area roofing contractors recommend hiring only true professionals to take care of your commercial property.

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