Our Roofing Company Discusses Multi-Family Housing Roofs

The roof is an integral part of any multi-family housing unit, and you would want to keep it in good condition. However, just like roofs of any other residential buildings, wear and tear will eventually happen. Therefore, you need to watch out for the following signs to know when to call an Oakland roofing contractor to help make replacements.

When the Roof is Old
Most of the roofing materials are made to last for many years, but they will get to the end of their life span after some years. For instance, you may notice some particles or sand in your rain gutters which may be a sign of an aging roof. Other indicators may include bowing or warping on the surface and leaks.

You may find yourself calling for constant repairs within short intervals, which may rapidly increase your bills. At this point, opting for a replacement from an experienced San Francisco roofing contractor is the best decision to eliminate the escalating problems.

High Cost of Repairs
The cost of repairing your roof may seem minimal but keeping a detailed record each time you call a contractor can outweigh the cost of re-roofing. Take your time and look at what you’ve spent in the previous years. As you make your calculation, consider the cost of repairs in the interior of your building, such as damage to insulations, cabinets, ceilings, and more. If you are spending about $15 – 25k annually, the best cost-effective decision would be to make a replacement.

Deterioration Signs
Sometimes, roofing may be tricky and may start to deteriorate even when it’s not very old. As the facility manager, you will have to check for signs such as curling, curved, or cupped shingles. You also need to look out for any damaged roofs after a storm. Additionally, check for bald spots, which are primarily associated with manufacturer defects.

You Want to Give Your Community a Face Lift
Any new resident in a particular community will judge it by its external appearance. If the roofs are faded, falling apart, or curved, they will turn off to the potential resident. Replacing your roof is the first step towards making your property look beautiful, attractive, and modern. Bay Area re-roofing helps increase the buildings’ value and makes you more confident that you’re living in the home of your dreams.

Bay Area Roofing Experts Work With You

As a multi-family housing complex manager, a solid roof will increase the land’s value and attract many residents. Hence, if you notice any of the above warning signs, it’s time to call Ben’s Roofing to help you make replacements. Contact us here anytime.