Bay Area Roofing Contractors Discuss Facility Roofing Tips

If you manage a building or facility, you know the importance of maintaining and inspecting it carefully to prevent problems or costly repairs. One of the most integral components of any structure is its roof. Work with a reputable San Francisco roofing professional to avoid costly repairs and damage liability with regular maintenance. Consider these roofing tips for your facility in the Bay Area:

Recognize Common Roof Hazards

Do you know what to look for when it comes to maintaining your roof? The goal should always be safety and keeping anyone who is working on your roof safe from harm. Our Oakland roofing contractor suggests care and caution around these potential roof hazards:

  • Skylights
  • Soft Spots
  • Steep Pitch
  • Lack of an Edge
  • Access Points

As the manager of the site or facility, you will be overseeing people inspecting or repairing the roof from time to time. Be wary of these hazards and keep an eye out for similar situations to warn your roofing contractor.

Perform Roof Safety Surveys

Have you performed a roof safety survey? This can be a good means of measuring the condition and potential hazards on a distinct roof. Some questions to ask regarding the roof include:

  • How high is the roof?
  • How often do people need to access the roof?
  • What is the access point to the roof?
  • What are the specific fall risks pertaining to the roof?
  • What kind of anchors are there?
  • What is the slope or pitch of the roof? How steep is it?
  • What is the deck composed of?

Knowing what the roof is like points to what kind of protective measures should be taken, as well as how you can mitigate the risk factors.

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