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San Francisco Roofers Give Their Tips For Summer

With summer coming, this is the time to do some maintenance to prepare for the hottest days of the year. Our San Francisco roofing professionals suggest property owners do the following the prep their roof for the summer heat:

Schedule an Inspection

The most important thing that you can do to prepare your roof for the summer ahead is to schedule an inspection with an Oakland commercial roofing professional. This can save you considerable money later in repairs and problems. During this inspection, the contractor will identify any areas that are worn or vulnerable, as well as assess the integrity and condition of the roof’s surface.

Avoid Walking on the Roof

Try to avoid walking around on your roof. The heat causes the roofing materials to expand and contract, which can make it vulnerable to cracks and leaks. Walking around on the roofing surface can contribute to deterioration of the surface and problems later on.

Watch for Water

Pools and puddles of water on or around your roof can spell trouble. Your Oakland commercial roofing inspector will identify any signs of damage to prevent the growth of mold. Make sure that you have a functioning drainage system to pull water from the roof to the ground, and that the gutters are properly working.

Look for Signs of Roof Damage

Keep an eye out for the signs of roofing damage before it results in costly repairs. Some things to watch out for include?

  • Cracks or blisters
  • Discoloration
  • Water stains on your walls or ceiling
  • Cracks
  • Visible nails or screws along the roofing surface
  • Loose flashing material
  • Gaps in caulking
  • Bare spots

While you should keep a watchful eye, avoid walking around on the roof to look for issues. This may cause more harm than good; call on a professional roofer for assessment.

Contact The Experts For All Your Bay Area Roofing Needs

Is your roof ready for summer? Contact the professionals at Ben’s Roofing, a Bay Area industrial roofing company. They can assess and advise you of the best ways to preserve your roof and your property from the summer heat.