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Our San Francisco Roofing Company Knows Apartment Roofing

The roof is the first thing you notice on many buildings. Your roofing style not only affects your building’s look, feel, and aesthetics but also the value of your property. Here are some key roofing styles that real estate agents consider when evaluating an apartment complex or townhouse roof replacement.

Dormer Roofs
Typically, a dormer is a vertical window added to the roof. It can be in various styles, from hipped, shed, and more. The widows of this roofing style add aesthetics to your house and allow light to the attic and under the roof. Additionally, you get more room in the attic since it adds extra headroom. If you opt for this style, you won’t have to deal with leaves gathering on your roof, and icy buildup is also likely to slide off.

Gable Roof
Also referred to as pitched or peaked, this roof has a basic triangular shape. It’s a common style on many houses, and you can use a variety of finish materials to achieve it, from metal sheets, clay tiles, shingles, and concrete tiles. If you want a roof replacement that can drain water, debris, and hail, a gable roof is an ideal solution due to the pitched shape. It’s also simple to construct, and it can accommodate an attic space.

Hip Roof
A hipped roof consists of four sides. Most of them are usually equal in length. However, some have variations with a half-hip that has two shorter sides. A greater part of the roof is visible; thus, this style gives your building a nice exterior look.

It also accommodates attics and makes the building well ventilated. Construction can involve various materials from metal sheets, clay tiles, and shingles. It is important to hire the right professionals for the job because the construction can be complicated due to the seams that are potential leak areas.

Slate Roof
Slate roofing style has long-lasting materials and is known to be incredibly high quality. It adds value to your home due to its beauty, longevity, and durability. It is made of natural stone, which gives your apartment or townhouse beautiful color variation. Slate roofing is difficult to install; thus, you will need Bay Area reroofing experts to do the job.

Talk To the Roofing Experts About Your Multi-Family Housing Roof

If you need a change in your multi-family house roof, the above styles are an ideal choice. At Ben’s Roofing, Inc, we have successfully completed a myriad of San Francisco roofing projects. Contact us today, and let’s talk about the best roof for your multi-family housing unit.