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Hot weather can deteriorate and damage your commercial roof over time, leaving your investment vulnerable to the elements outside. Do you have a commercial roof? Hot weather can take a toll; talk to a San Francisco roofing company to find out more. How hot does your commercial roof get in the summer? Here is what you should know:

Dark Roofs vs. Light Roofs
Ask a Bay Area roofing contractor and they will tell you that darker roofing materials absorb the light and heat, while lighter ones reflect the light, absorbing much less heat. This is significant when determining if the heat is compromising the integrity of your roof- as well as how energy efficient the roof will be in your distinct climate.

Black Asphalt Roofs
Of all roofing types, black asphalt is going to be most impacted by extreme heat. Black roofs make sense in terms of longevity- they last up to 20 years- and cost, but the black surface can suffer in hot conditions. On a sunny 90-degree Fahrenheit day, your black roof can reach temperatures of 190-degrees Fahrenheit- high enough to cause damage over time.

Aluminum or Metal Roofs
Perhaps the most common type of commercial roof is metal, usually aluminum. These roofs can get very hot, which is why many property owners choose to have their roof coated with a type of paint that curbs the heat by about 40% or more. Still, unpainted metal roofs get hot- around 120+ degrees on a 90-degree day.

White Coated Roofs
White roofs are always going to be cooler than dark roofs. In fact, a white coated roof is likely not going to get any hotter than 120-degrees on that same bright 90-degree day. A cooler roof means cooler interiors, too- vital for businesses in a warm or tropical climate.

Living Roofs
What are your thoughts on living roofs? These not only are eco-friendly, but they are quite striking and alluring to prospective visitors or patrons. The vegetation on a living roof is going to help keep the temperature in line with the outside temperature, less fluctuated by the sunlight. So, on a 90-degree day, a living and thriving rooftop garden should be about the same.

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Keep this information in-mind when reroofing or refurbishing your commercial roof, to ensure heat does not compromise or deteriorate your investment. Got questions or concerns about your commercial roof? Contact Ben’s Roofing here, a San Francisco roofing company serving the Bay Area.