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San Francisco Roofers Have the Know-How

There are some challenges that make commercial roofing projects unique, and different from a home roof. Professional roofers have the experience and expertise to overcome common issues- and ensure your Bay Area commercial roofing is up to par. Some San Francisco commercial roofing challenges include:


A commercial roofing project can be a big one- a key challenge is coordinating all the team, staff, contractors, and customers with the repairs. Without such collaboration, it can take longer to complete.


There is always the risk of uncovering other systems and issues when replacing or repairing a roof. For instance, perhaps by working on a roofing project, it is revealed that the HVAC needs upgrades. Sometimes, it is more cost-effective and time-efficient to combine such system updates and do them simultaneously, when feasible.


Another challenge of commercial roofing projects is the interruptions and disruptions that it can cause to the staff, employees, and customers of the building, owners, or business. There will be noise, contractors about, possible parking issues, and areas that are not accessible during the repairs or replacement.


Time is always a challenge when trying to predict how long a commercial roofing project will take. Weather, subcontractors, labor, or costs may delay or stall progress. Keep in contact with your roofing contractor to try and anticipate and overcome such interruptions.


Speaking of communication, this is another challenge of commercial roof work. There are usually various contractors involved in different aspects of the job, and communication must be clear and transparent. Make sure to maintain a trail or thread of your interactions with the contractors hired to stay on the same page throughout the process. Be open and honest- but try to be patient, too. Your roof is worth it!


There are currently some challenges associated with labor across the map. It may be difficult for some roofing contractors to find and hire qualified labor right now. Talking to your contractor and having an honest discussion regarding the timeline may be able to work this out before the project commences.

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