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Commercial and residential roofing systems serve the same basic function: protecting the structure beneath. However, the materials, slopes, and installation and repair methods are different between commercial and residential systems. Being aware of the differences can help you as you consider undertakings like Bay Area reroofing projects.

The Materials

Materials can vary greatly between commercial and residential roofs. Shingles of various types, including asphalt, wood shakes, and ceramic, are commonplace on residential roofs, as is metal. These are ideal for stacking upon a house’s rafters. By contrast, commercial roofing materials include gravel, tar, and single-ply coverings. These are relatively easy to spread out across the wide, expansive roofs typical of commercial buildings.

The Slope of the Roof

The next time you drive through a business district, take a look at the roofs, and you may notice that many are flat or have very gentle slopes. (To clarify, even the flattest-looking roof will have an extremely gentle slope. That’s to help water drain off the roof.) An advantage this type of roof brings to commercial properties is the ability to place heavy objects like air-conditioning units and ventilation systems on the roof.

Residential roofs, by contrast, tend to have roofs with more pronounced slopes. Such slopes facilitate drainage even more, meaning it’s much harder for rainwater and snow to build up. And because homes tend to have their HVAC systems on lower levels, rooftop placement areas for air-conditioning units aren’t necessary.

The Skills and Scope of Effort

Residential roofs typically need to cover smaller properties than their commercial cousins. That means the scope of effort for a residential project is often much smaller than for an otherwise equivalent commercial project. For instance, a Bay Area commercial roof repair project for a large property may involve a longer time horizon and larger work crews than a residential project just a few blocks over.

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