Bay Area Roofing Company on HOA Repairs

People who live in communities that are run by homeowner’s associations (HOAs) enjoy a myriad of benefits, including better amenities. Apart from ensuring that homeowners adhere to specific rules, the HOA has the right to stipulate how your home’s exterior should look like, what type of fence you should put up, and your yard’s upkeep, among other things. While you may be paying a fee in the hope that your HOA will address your roof repair issues, this is not always the case.

What should I do if I’m responsible for my home’s roof repair?
You will need to go through the HOA agreement to understand who is responsible for your roof’s repair. If the HOA allows you to see to your roof’s upkeep, they will have included the projected budget for a roof replacement. The roof replacement timelines will also be noted.

Before you begin your roof replacement project, you should present your case to the HOA. This is because most HOAs dictate the roofing styles and colors that the community should adopt. You will want to discuss with the HOA if you are intent on changing your roof’s color and style.

The HOA may also demand that you repair or replace your roof if it gets damaged or looks out of place in the community. As roof replacement and repairs are rather expensive, you will want to work with a reputable Bay Area roofing company while you negotiate with the HOA for an extension. If you feel the HOA reroof demand is unfair, you may want to seek legal help.

If the HOA is responsible for your HOA roof replacement, your home’s liability insurance will be fully covered by the HOA fees you pay. This means that you might incur significantly higher HOA fees. If your roof begins to show signs of wear or it begins to leak, you will need to report to the
HOA immediately.

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In most cases, the HOA will involve a professional roofing contractor, like Ben’s Roofing, who will establish the extent of damages. If the HOA board is unresponsive or does not treat the matter with the urgency it deserves, you may be forced to file a dispute. If you have a property in Bay Area that’s under an HOA’s jurisdiction, Ben’s Roofing can provide you with professional advice regarding the state of your roof. Our team is experienced in addressing issues related to HOA stipulations and contests. Contact us today at (510) 690 8570 or via our online contact form here.