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Our San Francisco Commercial Roofing Advice

If you own or manage a commercial property, then you know how important of an investment your roof is. These 12 tips from our San Francisco industrial roofing company can help keep it in top shape.

1. Be Proactive
Don’t wait for problems to occur. Instead, set up a proactive maintenance plan.

2. Inspect Regularly
The longer roofing problems linger without detection, the more expensive they get. That’s why our Bay Area commercial roofing repair plans include regular inspections, which are key to spotting issues early.

3. Don’t Skimp on Roofing Materials
The cheapest option isn’t always the best. Going for higher-end materials can reduce the number of overall roofing projects you need to pay for.

4. Assess Long-Term Costs
You should assess what every roofing decision will cost in the long run. For instance, a maintenance plan up front may cost some money, but it will cost much less than a total replacement should the roof decay.

5. Consider Roof Overlays
If a roof is in bad shape, a roof overlay may be a way to avoid an entire roof replacement.

6. In-House Maintenance Can Help
With training, your in-house maintenance team may be able to handle certain tasks, such as gutter cleaning.

7. Consider Cool Roofs
If a roof replacement is in the cards, consider going with cool roofing materials. These can help reduce your energy bills.

8. Set Up a Plan with a Contractor
Make contact with a contractor early so that you don’t scramble to find one in an emergency situation. Plus, they can help with your quarterly inspections.

9. Ask About Professional Qualifications
Before you agree to work with a contractor, find out if they’re licensed and insured. Also ask how quickly they handle emergency repairs, and if they have references.

10. Look for Versatility
Find a contractor who’s skilled at replacements along with maintenance and repairs. That way, they’ll always be able to meet your needs.

11. Ask About Commercial Experience
Experience is important, so ask your roofing contractor how much time they have in business. Look for locally relevant roofing knowledge; for instance, Oakland industrial roofing will face area-specific weather challenges.

12. Maintenance-Tracking Tools Are Important
Ask your roofing contractor what tools they have in place to keep track of your roof’s ongoing needs. Online software is a helpful starting point.

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