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Avoid Costly Roof Repairs with These Tips

When you make the decision to move into a new house, the last thing you expect is to be dealing with major issues right off the bat. A cursory inspection can usually point out things that need to be fixed prior to the sale, but the roof is sometimes overlooked. Roof repairs and replacements can end up costing thousands of dollars, and you don’t want to be stuck picking up the tab.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Buying a house is a process, and you should be as involved as possible throughout all of it. This means being present during inspections and being proactive about your concerns. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the age of the roof and any recent repairs. This can tell you how soon you’ll need to look for Bay Area re-roofing services and give insight into any potential weak spots. It also helps to find out how many layers of shingles are currently in use. Adding another layer is much cheaper than tearing off all of it and starting from scratch!

2. Red Flags

When checking out the roof, you should be able to see any signs of obvious damage from the ground or from second story windows. Missing shingles and gutters should be an immediate red flag and merit a closer inspection. When in doubt, call in an Oakland roofing contractor to evaluate the condition of the roof. They can give you a free estimate of any damages and an overview of the average costs for residential roofing in East Bay.

It’s also imperative that you ask about the ventilation system used in the home. This can be a huge contributor to moisture build up and can reduce the life of your roof significantly. Seeing mold growth anywhere on the roof is a sign that something isn’t working properly. During the walkthrough, look for spots on the ceiling that could indicate water damage or a recent leak. If one spot has been painted over, make sure to inquire about the reason behind the renovation.

3. Drainage Matters

Gutters and drainage systems are essential to maintaining the integrity of your roof and your home’s foundation. All downspouts should be intact and carrying the water at least 6-feet away from the home. Purchasing a home is an investment in the rest of your life. Protect yourself from potential issues by working with knowledgeable professionals and by taking an active part in the process.

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Contact A Professional Bay Area Roofing Contractor

It’s best to hire a professional to do a thorough inspection. If you live in Oakland or the surrounding Bay Area, you’ll want an Oakland roofing contractor that’s licensed and insured, gives an honest assessment, and if the situation calls for, provides reliable estimates and a written contract. Ben’s Roofing is trusted by many Bay Area homeowners and HOAs for doing an excellent job on roof installation, repairs and replacement. Most importantly, we’re here to help extend the life of your roof and make life easier for you. Contact us today with any questions you may have, and we’ll be happy to help!