Our San Francisco Roofing Talks Weatherproofing

Weatherproofing your home has a host of benefits, among them boosting its energy efficiency and indoor comfort levels. And there’s no time like the present for taking on this project. In this post, cultivated by our San Francisco roofing company, you’ll learn all about several steps you can take to weatherproof your home.


Insulation kicks off many lists of ways to weatherproof your home, and with good reason: Blocking cold air during the winter and keeping cool air in during warmer months takes some of the strain off your HVAC system and keeps your home comfy.

The basement and attic are common areas where insulation may arise, so pay special attention to those parts of your home. And to take your insulation efforts to the next level, consider investing in door stoppers, which are somewhat cheap ways to control airflow even more.


Gutter care is one of the most critical services our Bay Area roof repair company provides. That’s because gutters are responsible for channeling water away from your home. Without them, water can build up and cause problems such as leaks and mold.

Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional, you should ensure that your gutters are free of debris. Additionally, it’s important to make sure gutters are pitched properly. One-eighth to one-sixteenth of an inch per foot of gutter is a standard recommendation for a gutter’s slope.


A roof that is not ready for adverse weather can put your entire home at risk. Conversely, one given the proper level of attention can provide lasting protection.

A good practice for homeowners is to keep an eye on their roofs, particularly after storms. But regular roof inspections are important, too, regardless of the weather. Because roofs can be dangerous and not all damage is obvious, we recommend hiring a company such as an Oakland roofing services business for the job.


Paint is a relatively inexpensive way to boost both your home’s appearance and its weather resistance. If you notice your exterior paint has cracked, consider repainting the home. That way, the underlying siding will enjoy protection from moisture and sun damage.

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