VELUX® Skylights Highly Recommended by Bay Area Roofing Contractors

VELUX® Skylight Installation for Kitchen Daylighting

This is what your kitchen could look like with VELUX® skylights.

Why are so many San Francisco roofing contractors so excited about advanced VELUX® Skylights? To understand, we need to dial the time machine back more than 70 years.

VELUX® skylights trace their roots all the way back to Denmark, 1941, when Villum Kahn Rasmussen developed the first window that could be installed into an existing roof without the addition of a dormer.

Consumers and builders didn’t exactly rush out to embrace these skylights, though – many saw the innovation as impractical and unnecessary. However, over the following decades, VELUX® helped convince homeowners and developers about the utility of these windows.

For a myriad of reasons – engineering simplicity and shifting aesthetic tastes, among them – they’ve grown hugely in popularity over the past decade. Not to mention the additional benefits of natural sunlight. Check out our blog post about the health benefits of skylights, too.

Exciting Features

VELUX® skylights and sun tunnels offer tangible benefits, such as:

* Solar-power. Solar tubes and sun tunnels store solar energy in a small, concealed battery.

* Rain sensors. These advanced skylights include sensors that close skylights automatically if it starts to rain.

* Remote control. The VELUX® skylight comes with a pre-programmed remote that you can use to control your skylight from bed – no need to fiddle with a long wand or stand on a chair or table.

* Versatile. A roofing contractor can install VELUX® skylights in virtually any part of your home, including bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens.

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Professional Skylight Installation by a San Francisco Roofing Contractor

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