Tips to Keep Your Roof in Good Working Order from an Oakland Roofing Services Firm


Your Bay Area roof takes a beating all winter long, and summer storms add to the wear and tear. Fortunately, basic summer maintenance activities can prolong the life of your roof and protect your home from water damage and rodent infestation. Here’s a quick primer on what to do.

Exterior Actions

  • Conduct a thorough inspection. Look for loose, broken, or missing shingles, moss, and debris in roof valleys and in the gutters. Check all flashings around chimneys, skylights, and vents.
  • Repair or replace any loose gutters.
  • Clean all gutters, and make sure all downspouts are clog-free.
  • Check all sealants, and replace if loose or cracked.
  • Treat any mold or lichen growth on the roof, and clean this grime off the shingles.
  • Check eaves and overhangs for water stains, and make any necessary roof repair.
  • Identify gaps that may allow rodents to enter your home, and seal them.
  • Check undersides of all eaves and remove any debris, taking care to avoid wasps or other stinging insects that may have built hives.

Interior Actions

  • Take a flashlight into your attic and look for water leaks, which will reflect the light.
  • Ensure all attic fans are in working order.
  • Check for signs of past or current rodent infestation, and contact a professional in roofing services to address any problem.
  • Check insulation levels, since an overheated attic can cause damage to the roof.

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