Solar Tubes vs. Traditional Skylights:  Which is best for low-cost natural lighting?

Residential Roofing with Skylights for Daylighting

Whether you’re searching for a Bay Area roofing contractor to remodel a residential roof, or just exploring skylights to brighten up your kitchen, you’ve probably invested some time reading about the “skylights versus solar tubes” debate.

When done right, both solar tube and skylight installation can lead to a variety of benefits, including increased natural and healthy sunlight (thus boosting vitamin D levels), reducing electricity costs, and enhancing the aesthetics of indoor spaces. That said, here are a few reasons why some Bay Area homeowners might prefer skylight or solar tube installations.

Depending on the slope of your roof, its materials, the spacing of the rafters and the directional location of the roof (e.g. facing north, facing south, facing east, facing west), light tubes may be easier to install. In general, you don’t need to alter the framing, so you can choose more diverse locations, such as closets, small bathrooms, laundry rooms and stairways.

Even a small tube can generate serious light during the day — enough to give you the illumination of approximately three 300 watt bulbs! Larger tubes can illuminate even more.

solatube daylighting

Sun tunnels can also be capped by a component that defuses the light and creates a beautiful white glow. Some solar tubes contain polished interior surfaces that prevent light from getting absorbed in the tunnel on the tube way down. Additionally, light tubes (in general, not always) cost less than skylight installations. It’s important to discuss your desired goals (aesthetics, cost/budget, and location) with your residential roofing contractor to really learn about the difference between the two options.

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