Expert Bay Area Roofing Contractor Discusses Having People on Your Roof


With summer party season in full swing, many Bay Area apartment dwellers may want to broaden their horizons by moving the fiesta to the roof. Before you haul the ice chest, speakers, and folding chairs through the roof access door, consider following these residential roofing tips to ensure that you and your guests live to tell the tale.

  1. Construction. Specific building codes must be met before people can have access to the roof for recreational purposes. The roof must be designed and installed by a roofing contractor to handle this type of weight and usage. Also, the parapet wall (the enclosure around the edge of the roof) needs to be a certain height to ensure that a trip and fall doesn’t end tragically.
  1. Permission. Are you allowed to use the roof? Many landlords don’t carry insurance to protect them from this type of use, and they will deny access for this reason. Want to do it anyway? You risk eviction from your apartment and liability for any personal injuries and property damage that occur during the event.
  1. Alcohol. While many great parties have this ingredient, it may not be the best choice when the shindig takes place several stories above ground. Keep the party low-key with lots of tasty food, excellent conversation, and great music so people will want to engage with each other rather than over imbibe.

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