Oakland Roofing Firm has Tips on How to Best Care for the Glass or Plastic Cutouts in Your Roof


Skylights literally brighten a room and lift spirits. The roofing feature adds value to Bay Area homes and businesses, and they require little maintenance to keep clean and leak-free. Ben’s Roofing offers the following tips for maintaining and cleaning your skylights.


A new skylight installation is virtually maintenance free but may require:

  • A filter change. If your skylight has a filter, remove and wash it with ordinary household cleaners. Dry and reinstall, or replace with a new filter.
  • Annual cleaning of debris from the flashing.
  • Venting to avoid condensation and to maintain the integrity of the window.


Mother Nature cleans the outside of your window with each strong rain. You will want to clean the interior of the window, but not too often. Clean your skylight every two to three months and use:

  • Mild soap and water.
  • Non-abrasive cloths for wiping and drying.

Avoid Using

  • Abrasive cleaners that can damage the coating on glass skylights and scratch plastic ones.
  • Windex or any cleaner with alcohol or a petroleum base because they quickly cause plastic skylights to fail.
  • Knives or other sharp objects to scrape debris from the window since they can severely damage the panes.

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