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HOA Roof Repair and Replacements Don’t Have to be a Headache

Handling Bay Area roof repairs in a planned living community can be time-consuming and sometimes strenuous. This is largely due to multilevel consultations with the residential homeowners association (HOA).

The HOA is a formal entity whose responsibility is to make and enforce the rules that govern the residents on how properties should be handled. People who purchase property within a certain HOA jurisdiction become members. Each member may be required to pay certain dues like HOA fees.

Most HOAs have stringent rules on what a member can or can’t do with their property. They regulate your yard’s upkeep, the fence type, and your home’s exterior; including repairing a damaged roof.

We discuss how you should handle a roof repair request from your HOA.

1. Get an expert’s opinion
Your first step in an HOA reroof should be asking a reputable contractor to inspect your roof and submit a report on its condition. Contractors tend to agree with the HOA if they are requesting you to replace a few missing or damaged shingles. However, if the HOA requests that you replace your entire roof, but the residential roofing contractor doesn’t find it necessary, his professional opinion comes in handy.

2. Keep communicating with the HOA board
In most cases, the HOA terms regulate the community’s roof color and roofing style. This is done in a bid to create a harmonious aesthetic and maintain the properties’ value. Make sure you present your case before the HOA board and offer a solution that suits everyone involved. For instance, if you find the request too expensive, you can ask the board to allow you to make a cheaper but presentable repair. You can also ask them to give you time if you cannot afford to make the repairs at the moment.

3. Seek legal advice
If you cannot make heads or tails of the HOA jargon or if you think the HOA has wrongfully requested you to make the repair, an attorney can help you navigate through the various legal aspects available to you.

HOA Re-roof Made Easy

If you live in a community HOA development area and you need roof repair services, contact Ben’s Roofing today. We have the necessary experience when it comes to an HOA re-roofs and repairs, and know how to handle an HOA roof replacement. Avoid legal consequences and frustrations by working with a professional Oakland roofing contractor like Ben’s Roofing, Inc.