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How Bay Area Roofing Affects Home Value

Is it time to improve your home’s roof? Installing a new roof seems like a major undertaking, but it is a vital way to preserve your property’s integrity and improve its resale value. Talk to a Bay Area roofing contractor for an inspection of your roof today.

Five ways a new roof increases your home’s value:

A new roof makes your home look better.

Today’s modern roofing materials can enhance your home’s curb appeal and make your asphalt shingles look like rustic slate or high-end stone.

New roofing conserves energy.

Newer shingles are more energy efficient and will save on utility costs. These roofs reflect solar heat, keeping your home cooler in the California sun.

You will have a warranty.

Another reason to invest in a new roof is longevity; do you know how long your roof will last? A new roof means a new warranty, which could protect your home for the next 50 years! Naturally, environmental factors like precipitation and climate impact the life-span of a roof; ask your contractor to learn more about roofing warranties.

No worries during inspections.

No need to stress or worry if your home will pass the all-important inspection in the event you decide to sell. A poorly maintained or damaged roof can put an end to a sure-sale; if you are considering selling in the future, a new roof is a vital expenditure that provides peace of mind.

Your home is worth more.

If you do decide to sell, a new roof will fetch a better resale value. It is estimated that a new roof increases the value of your home by around $12k, which could potentially put that money back in your own pocket.

Preserve the investment that you have in your home with maintenance, including residential roofing East Bay. Talk to an Oakland roofing contractor for estimates and options near you.

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Are you ready to do something about your roof? If you are concerned about costs, remember these five ways that a roof increases your home value, which improves your overall property investment. Call our Bay Area roofing company, Ben’s Roofing, for an inspection, honest estimates, and more information about prudent and practical roofing options. Contact us online today here!