Upgrading Your Bay Area Roof with Affordable Slate Tiles


GAF TruSlate® Roofing in Greystone

Homeowners seeking new residential roofing often wonder whether slate is a practical or affordable option for them. With the attractive, lightweight, and affordable new GAF TruSlate®, slate roofing is now more accessible than ever.

Consider the many advantages of TruSlate® Roofing, including:

1. Attic ventilation. TruSlate® Ridge Vent keeps excess moisture and heat out of attics, keeping homes safe and efficient.

2. Trim slate. Ridges and hips gain extra protection with these structures, which come in complementary colors.

3. UV & Moisture barrier. High density polyethylene adds an additional layer of protection under TruSlate® shingles.

4. Accessory paint. Disguise unsightly roof fixtures with paints coordinating with TruSlate® colors.

5. TruGrip Battens and Hangers. These strong stainless steel components keep slates securely in place throughout the roof’s lifespan.

6. Lay-Straight™ Alignment Tape. This specially-formulated tape keeps slate roofs looking neat and even.

7. Leak barrier. StormGuard® and Weather Watch® barriers form an additional defense against leaks.

8. Roof deck protection. “Breathable” Deck Armor lets moisture out while protecting the interior from the elements.

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