San Francisco Industrial Roofing Guide

Performing a self-inspection of your commercial property’s roofing may sound good in theory, but there are some problems that can strike. They can cause safety issues, de facto financial penalties in the form of voided warranties, and more.

Dangers of Self-Inspections

Safety issues are one reason that many property owners and managers hire a San Francisco roofing company to perform inspections for them. High roofs are naturally dangerous places because of the possibility of falls. Additionally, a roof may look solid, but there could be weak points that you are unaware of. It can also be easy to become complacent and step through a skylight or another area not meant to support a person’s weight.

Warranty Problems

Your roof’s warranty protects both it and your finances by making repairs easier to afford. However, attempting to work on your roof on your own may void it. Warranties often contain conditions that outline who can work on a roof and the materials they can use to do so. In other words, if you’re not approved to work on your roof and/or you use the wrong materials, you’ll be putting your roof’s warranty on the line. That’s not worth it, even for the most adventurous do-it-yourselfer.

A Less Thorough Process

Some problems are easy to spot; however, others require a professional eye. That’s especially true of minor problems that may not be apparent to people who don’t work in the roofing field. Missing a small problem may sound unimportant, but remember: Most big problems start out as small ones. It’s worth your while to have San Francisco industrial roofing experts monitor your roof so that minor repairs are handled expediently.

OSHA Considerations

Working on a roof the correct way involves adhering to many OSHA regulations. If you’re not aware of these regulations or how to comply with them, don’t attempt fixes on your own.


Even if you do discover problems, you may not have the expertise or materials to safely fix them, meaning you’ll have to call a Bay Area commercial roofing company anyway. Having the pros perform the inspection in the first place often means they can fix issues during the same visit. And if not, they’ll know what needs to be done during a follow-up visit to get your roof back in peak shape.

San Francisco Roofing Contractors Are Here To Help

For service in and around the Bay Area, contact the pros at Ben’s Roofing. This is not the time to try to address roofing issues on your own; work with an Oakland industrial roofing repair pro to ensure the job is done right.