Bay Area Commercial Roofing Advice From The Pros

If the elements are able to breach your building’s roof, you could be in trouble- especially if it involves a commercial roof. Commercial roofing needs maintenance or repair from a professional Bay Area roofing contractor from time-to-time to ensure reliability and prevent damage. Talk to a Bay Area commercial company roofing to learn more or schedule a roof inspection.

What is your Bay Area Commercial roof trying to tell you? Watch for the following signs that it is time for commercial roofing repair in Oakland:

Inside Signs

Look around inside your building: what do you see? Signs of an issue can include moisture or stains on the walls or ceilings of your property.

Funky Smells

Another sign of a roofing problem is the funky smell of mold or must. This means that somewhere in the building, moisture is coming in.

Water Puddles

Water pooling or puddles is never a good sign, inside or outside of a building. In fact, it merits immediate contact with a roofing contractor for an inspection of the issue. It might be something simple like a clogged drain or gutter, or it could point to a serious roofing issue that warrants repair. Get to the cause of the problem quickly before it can cause extensive and expensive damage to your building.

Outside Clues

Walk around the exterior of your building or property; look for outside clues that your roof might need attention. Some things to look out for include the following:

  • Loose debris
  • Storm damage
  • Missing shingles or flashing
  • Odd or irregular runoff
  • Mold or algae
  • Gutter issues
  • Visible roofing damage of any kind

If you notice any of these clues, contact a roofing contractor in the area to come and inspect your commercial roof before permanent damage can occur.

Damaged Membrane

If you notice bubbles, blisters, cracks, or other irregularities on the roofing membrane, this is a sign of a problem. This means the roofing material is deteriorating and possibly allowing the elements inside.

Contact Our Bay Area Roofing Contractors For an Inspection

A leak of any size can cause tremendous damage over time; by inspecting and maintaining your commercial roof, you will find any problems or vulnerabilities early-on, curbing damage and expense. Talk to the San Francisco commercial roofing contractors at Ben’s Roofing, a reputable Bay Area roofing company that puts the client first. Worried about what your roof might be trying to tell you? Contact us here today.