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Commercial Roofing Pitfalls To Avoid

If you own a business, promptly address any commercial roofing issues that occur. After all, your roof protects your buildings, facilities, goods, and investment; contact a Bay Area roofing contractor and resolve problems fast to curb damages. This is the time to work with a Bay Area commercial roofing professional- don’t try to go it alone.

Ten commercial roofing problems to watch out for are:

Leaks of any kind can be a problem when it comes to your roof. Be vigilant about creating a barrier that prevents water from intruding and coming inside your building while your roof is being repaired.

If your roof is not properly or securely connected to the substrate of the building, tenting can occur. Roofs that are most vulnerable to tenting are single-ply type roofing.

Faulty Installation
When a roof is poorly installed the first time, it can come back to haunt you later. The way that a roof is installed directly correlates with the potential for problems and lifespan of the roof.

Lack of Care
Another common issue for commercial roofs is a lack of care or maintenance. A neglected roof can be a safety hazard; routine roof inspections can ensure you don’t have accidents or issues later.

Pools of water spell trouble for a roof, especially if it is present or standing for more than 48 hours. The excess weight of the water on the roof can pose problems that result in costly water damage. Pooling water is likely a sign of a bigger problem.

Punctures on the roof’s exterior are a common issue that can be easily fixed if caught early. One way to avoid this in the future is to avoid walking on the roof as much as possible.

Safety is always an issue that can be problematic when it comes to a roof. Slips and falls are frequent; be cautious and wary of who you allow access to your roof and always utilize the services of a professional over a layman.

Repair Issues
If the repair wasn’t done properly the first time, you may call another contractor to fix the issue for you. Improper use of materials may manifest in damage that is irreversible; make sure to only hire the best.

Roofs are vulnerable to shrinkage, especially single-ply types. This can create a breech that allows water in and damage to ensue.

Blistering and Bubbling
Blistering is often seen in some types of roofs, particularly single-ply systems. It can be resolved but merits careful attention to materials when installing any new roof to avoid the issue in the future.

San Francisco Roofing Contractors a re Here to Help

Do these ten commercial roofing problems sound familiar? For service in and around the Bay Area, reach out to Ben’s Roofing. This is not the time to try to address roofing issues on your own; work with an Oakland industrial roofing repair pro to ensure the job is done right. Prevent pricey repairs that can impact your business; take care of roofing issues promptly and professionally.