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Commercial Roofing Maintenance Requires an Experienced Contractor

Every car owner knows that maintaining a vehicle is much cheaper than replacing it when it breaks down from neglect—or they learn that lesson the hard way. The same is true for commercial roofs: Business owners who invest in roof maintenance significantly extend the lifespan of their roofs and head off dangerous and expensive problems, such as collapses. This article goes over how the process of implementing a Bay Area commercial roofing maintenance plan works. It also touches on why such a plan is preferable to waiting until repairs or replacements become necessary.

Roof Assessments

No matter how many properties you own, the first step in formulating a maintenance plan is an assessment. These involve inspections by roofing experts, who collect information on each roof’s condition, including whether or not it is repairable. They may also take photographs. Another element of the assessment phase is coming up with an initial cost estimate for the project. Next, given budgetary considerations, the Bay Area roof repair specialist will work with the client to come up with a workable solution.

The Maintenance Plan

Hopefully, the assessment brings good news—that the roof or roofs are in relatively good condition. If it does not, though, there is a silver lining: If a major issue is detected, it can be corrected before it becomes disruptive to the business. (Imagine how long a roofing collapse would shut your doors!)

Some roofs, on the other hand, may just need to be touched up. For instance, in the case of multiple properties, a San Francisco roofing company may perform minor repairs to shingles on one roof, replace the flashings on another, and do a combination of both on the third.

After that, it’s time to shift into preventative maintenance mode. That calls for elements such as regular, ongoing inspections; cleaning of drains and gutters; and minor repairs as needed.

If there isn’t already a maintenance plan for your building’s roof, it’s advisable to contact a roofing company to set one up. In some cases, major repairs or outright replacements may still be necessary. But a good maintenance plan makes those instances much less likely.

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