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An issue with a roof can wreak havoc for business owners- and may cut into daily operations and potential revenues. If you have roof problems, there are times to make repairs and then there are times when it makes the most sense to replace the existing roof. What are the differences between roof repairs and Bay Area reroofing when it comes to your business? Here is what you should know when weighing your choices:

How Old is the Roof?

Ask a professional at a San Francisco roofing company and they will tell you that the age of the roof has a lot to do with whether you should repair or replace it. A contemporary commercial roof lasts around 20-30 years, with maintenance. Roofs that are 20 years or older are often not worth making extensive repairs; it could be time to cut your losses with a new roof. Talk to Oakland roofing services for information and prices.

Think Ahead

If you want to make a prudent investment in your business, a new roof is not a bad way to go. Also, think about how many years you plan to remain in your current building- is a new roof a good investment? If you plan to move, sell, or try something new, you might want to make repairs as inexpensively as you can until you move on.

Save Some Money

A new, modern commercial roof can save money in utilities and energy costs every month. Over time, the savings are significant! Ask a roofing professional about modern roofing systems that can provide top-notch insulation for energy efficiency that puts more money back in your pocket. Plus, new roofs are often eligible for credits and incentives during tax season.

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