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Bay Area Roofing Contractors Discuss Solar Tube Benefits

There are many benefits of solar tubes for home or property owners. Solar tubes are designed to utilize the natural light of the sun, inside. Talk to a San Francisco roofing contractor to find out more about the engineering that allows you to bring sunlight from the roof into the home. Here is everything homeowners need to know about Bay Area solar tube installations:

A Source of Natural Light
Who doesn’t want a source of natural light in the home? First, it can save you money, but it also can help fend-off symptoms of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) during dark and wintry months. If you have ever wished for more sunlight in the home, tubular skylights are an excellent option. Plus, the light from the sun is a lot more reliable than any type of fixture, light, or lamp!

Quick and Simple Installation
When you hear the term ‘tubular skylight’, you probably think that it would be a big and complicated project. The truth is, when a roofing professional installs solar tubes, it is a lot faster and simpler than you might think. Also, the tubes are discreet and won’t stand out like a sore thumb, so your curb appeal remains intact. Talk to your roofing pro about options like remotes and dimmer switches to make use even easier.

No-to-Low Maintenance
The solar tubes are exposed to nature and the elements, but they are not vulnerable to damage or deterioration. They are made from a resistant and resilient acrylic material, which helps to protect the tubes from the weather and wildlife. These skylights are virtually maintenance-free.

An Eco-Friendly Choice
If reducing the carbon footprint that you leave is important to you, solar tubes may be a prudent step to take. You can reduce costs and energy use with these natural light sources, creating a more sustainable lifestyle and community.

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