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Bay Area Re-roofing Experts Explain

An energy efficient roof not only saves you money but also elevates the comfort of your living space all year round. Energy efficient roofs are also known to last longer than conventional roofs. If you are looking to install one soon get in touch with a reputable San Francisco roofing company for the ultimate upgrade. Here are 3 ways through which homeowners can save money through energy-efficient roofs:

1. Proper insulation
Insulating your roof is one way of achieving energy-efficiency as it stops heat as well as cooled air from getting into or escaping from your home. Insulation is particularly handy if you have no intention of replacing your roof any time soon. However, you will need to make sure that the entire house is insulated including the attic and the basement. You will also need to seal any holes and leaks on the walls of your home as well as those around your windows and doors. Most Oakland roofing contractors can advise you when it comes to home insulation.

2. Select a light-colored roofing materials
One of the major concerns when it comes to a roof’s energy-efficiency is its ability to deter unwanted heat. This would make one assume that a light-colored roof will be better than a darker one, but this is not always the case.

While lighter colors are ideally more reflective, they will do you no good if the material used to make them is not energy-efficient. For example, a dark but energy star-rated roofing material will outperform a lighter material that’s not designed to be energy-efficient. For this reason, it would be best to choose the material first and color as the color you would prefer later.

3. Use a green roof
A green roof, also called a living roof refers to a roof made of plants. However, you will need to ensure that the roof can support the weight of the plants and that it will not leak. Adding landscaping to the roof might prove a little costly, but apart from lowering your energy bills, it purifies the air, and it also aids in storm-water management.

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Are you looking towards lowering your monthly utility and energy bills? Consider making your roof energy-efficient. While the tips above will enable you to save money through energy conservation, the only way to ensure that your roof is energy-efficient is by working with a reputable Bay Area re-roofing company. Contact us today here!