Our Bay Area Roofers Reveal How A New Roof Can Save You Money

If it is time for a new roof, don’t despair; did you know that investing in a new roof now can save you money later? Our Bay Area residential roofing company discusses ways to curb the costs of heating and cooling your home when planning a re-roofing project.

In the market for a new roof? Talk to an Oakland roofing contractor and take advantage of four ways that you can save money on your energy costs:

A Radiant Barrier

If you need a roof anyway, why not install a radiant barrier to reduce the transfer of heat from your roof to your home’s attic or crawlspace? Typically, a barrier looks like you painted your roof silver, underneath the shingles and roof deck. This coating reflects heat, which results in less solar heat and reduced energy costs. It is most practical to tackle this task when you repair or replace the sheathing or roof deck, and the savings are well-worth the added efforts.

Higher Quality Insulation

Insulation is another way to curb costs and prevent energy from sneaking out of your home. The barrier of insulation material forms a barrier that lowers the heat transfer between your attic and the world outside. Whether you are heating your home in winter or cooling it in hot temperatures, added insulation can contain and preserve the interior climate, keeping energy costs low. The best thing is that you don’t need to be replacing your roof to make insulation prudent; it is easy to add and enhance whenever you are ready.

The Right Color Makes all the Difference

The color of your shingles can also make a difference in what you pay monthly for cooling and heating costs. Choose solar-reflective colors from Bay Area re-roofing companies to prevent the above-mentioned transfer of heat, and to reflect heat from your home’s roof.  Also, cooler-colored shingles can last longer as they are less-vulnerable to the ravages of extreme heat. Look for Energy-Star approved shingles when shopping and consulting with your roofing contractor.

Air-flow and Ventilation

Finally, you can put a dent in your monthly energy costs with adequate ventilation. Make sure that your new roof allows for the exchange of fresh air in your well-insulated home; increasingly warm temperatures without property ventilation can foster the growth of mold and mildew. It may also set the stage for warped roofing and compromised shingles. Keep things cool by letting a little air in with vents and ample air circulation.

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Invest in a new roof now and save money year-round on your home’s energy costs. Contact the experts at Ben’s Roofing, a Bay Area roofing contractor, for estimates and more information. Call 510-690-8570 or send us a message online for more information.