Slate, Asphalt, Clay Tiles, or Composite Roofing — Which is Best for My Bay Area Home?

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A re-roofing project may not be your dream come true, particularly if your finances are stressed and you’re busy getting the kids prepped to return to school. But you know that you need to improve your home’s value and protect it from damage in the future (e.g. mold, mildew, structural problems, etc.)

During the remodeling/renovation process, you will face many stark choices, including choosing your residential roofing material. All commonly used materials have advantages and disadvantages, which you’ll need to weigh in the context of your budget, your structure, the kind of restoration/repair you need to do, the home’s aesthetics, and your long term homeownership plans. Review the information below to determine which materials might be right for you.

Asphalt shingles – Asphalt shingles are one of the least expensive options, and shingles come in a dizzying number of styles. Unfortunately, asphalt materials (in general) are more vulnerable to weathering and other damage than are other types of shingles; and they may degrade over time.

Clay tile – Clay roofing tiles are maintenance-free and durable. However, these tiles can be difficult to install, even for professionals, and you may need to invest in extra structural support. An experienced Bay Area roofing contractor can help you evaluate the pros and cons of clay for your project in more detail.

Metal roofing – Metal roofing is long-lasting and fireproof, but falling debris (e.g. pinecones and branches) can dent metal, creating both drainage and aesthetic issues. Unprotected and untreated metal may also corrode and rust, especially in a coastal environment like the Bay Area.

Composite roofing – made from plastic and rubber , composite roofing is affordable, and it generally doesn’t require much maintenance. However, some consumers believe that composite lacks aesthetic style compared to other materials on this list.

Slate roofing – Slate roofing is long-lasting, fireproof and stylish. On the other hand, it is also expensive, and you may need a roofing services company or contractor to install or maintain it.

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