Bay Area gutter installation

Keep Your Gutters Running Smooth This Winter

Any time that you’re going through a change of seasons, it’s important to make sure that your gutters are in optimal shape. Leaves changing or falling may look pretty from your front windows, but they pose a definite risk to your home’s gutter system. We’ve put together a list of the best tips for Bay Area roofing gutter maintenance below:

Keeping Your Gutters Clean is Essential
Clogged gutters lead to unfortunate water diversion that can damage your yard and home’s foundation. Make sure that you clear your gutters of leaves, sticks, and debris as soon as you notice any buildup. Doing this frequently will stop you from having to call in a roofing contractor earlier than you’d like.

Reinforce Damaged Gutters
When your gutters start to separate from their fasteners or come apart at the seams, they aren’t far from failing altogether. During your seasonal cleaning, make sure that you tighten up loose fittings and reinforce any areas of minor damage. This can save you from having to replace your Bay Area gutters prematurely.

Don’t Let Small Leaks Turn Into Big Problems
Leaky gutters can prevent water from flowing in the designated pattern, and this can also damage your home and yard. Make sure to check for leaks and cracks at least once a month. If you see a problem area, Ben’s can provide Oakland roofing services to take care of the problem quickly!

Don’t Neglect Your Downspouts
Your downspouts carry the water away from your house and allow it to run out harmlessly into designated areas. These can easily end up blocked by leaves and debris in the yard. Make it a regular part of your landscaping to clear any blockages away from your downspouts and to make sure that they’re attached and intact.

Direct Water Away From the Home
When water pools around the base of your home instead of flowing away, it can start to erode your foundation. This can cost thousands of dollars to fix and even more to replace. Make sure that your gutters are functioning correctly and allowing water to freely flow all the way through the downspouts.

Contact Ben’s Roofing for Bay Area Gutter Installation and Repair

If you’re struggling with Bay area gutter installation, contact the experts at Ben’s Roofing! We know how to keep your home in great shape year round. A simple gutter inspection can prevent costly damage.