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Fall Maintenance Tips From Our Bay Area Roofing Company

Cleaning gutters can be an irritating chore, especially in the autumn when leaves are falling. But it is necessary to take care of your roof and home. Here are some important reasons to make time to take care of your gutters.

1. Cleaning gutters prevents water damage to your home.
Gutters are designed to move rainwater from your roof to the ground to keep water from getting into your home. If you don’t clean your gutters regularly, they can’t do their job, and you risk water getting into your home and causing damage.

2. Cleaning gutters eliminates nesting areas for pests.
Leaves, twigs, and other debris that collects in your gutters makes great nesting material for pests, which could then get into your home. By keeping your gutters clean, you minimize the risk of pests.

3. Cleaning gutters prevents landscaping damage.
Along with taking water off your roof, gutters manage the water flow around your home so that your yard does not flood in one area. However, if your gutters are blocked by debris, water may be directed to one area of your yard, causing soil erosion and damage to your landscaping.

4. Cleaning gutters prevents basement flooding.
If your landscaping is at risk of damage from rainwater, your basement is at risk, as well. Unmanaged water from your roof can seep into the ground and lead to basement flooding and major damage to the foundation of your home.

5. Cleaning gutters extends your roof’s life.
By directing water off your roof, your roof will stay drier when it is not raining. That will help prevent damage to your roof from the weather so you do not need repairs or replacements from a Bay Area re-roofing company as often.

6. Cleaning gutters increases comfort and safety.
The debris that collects in gutters can lead to the growth of mold and mildew, which can spread into your home. Along with damaging your home, mold and mildew affect your air quality.

7. Cleaning gutters prevents roof leaking.
If rainwater is not directed off your roof, it can cause damage and lead to leaks in your roof. That means you will need to contact a San Francisco roofing company to repair your roof as well as other damage that can occur as a result of the leaks.

8. Cleaning gutters increases your home’s value and beauty.
If you do not clean your gutters regularly, they can become damaged and even fall off your home. This can be unattractive and lower the value of your home at resale.

9. Cleaning gutters increases your gutters’ life.
Since gutters can be damaged, they would need to be repaired or replaced. However, by cleaning them regularly, you will extend their lifespan on your home.

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