What to Watch Out for with Bay Area Commercial Roofing


The roof is arguably the most important part of any Bay Area building. Whether you’re designing commercial applications or investing in properties, do not underestimate your roof maintenance and repair needs. Commercial roofing is specially engineered to protect big buildings and other structures from elements like wind, rain, and hail. The roofing bears the brunt of extreme weather – such as gusting Bay Area winds — so you need appropriate ongoing maintenance to ensure your investment.

First of all, you need to engage in regular roof inspections to identify hidden sources of damage or mold, to gauge repair costs, and to extend the life of the roof. Have a roofing contractor check your roof every 6 months or after severe storms to look for the following:

Standing or pooling water on the roof – Standing water can etch away at or degrade the material of the roof and lead to structural deterioration, mold, mildew and leaks, which can in turn affect everything from air quality in the building to the property’s energy efficiency to interior building materials such as drywall. When left unchecked, roof leaks can literally rot away the infrastructure of the building and lead to repairs above and beyond what could already be a costly premature industrial re-roofing.

Bubbles in the roofing material – Roofing material that is bubbling up may signal moisture below the surface or gases emerging from underlying insulation. These bubbles in and of themselves can also compromise the integrity of the roofing material and reduce its lifespan.

Tears or Cracking Seams – Tears or splitting seams can allow water to enter the layer under the roof cover, which will rot the surface over time and lead to widespread roof and structural issues if left unchecked.

You put a lot of money and thought into your commercial building investment, and your co-investors and tenants are counting on you to make wise maintenance decisions.

Ben’s Roofing Provides Comprehensive Bay Area Roofing and Skylight Installation and Inspection

With the state-wide drought lasting several years, problems may not have yet made themselves obvious. Some climate scientists are calling for a return of wet weather this winter, so it would be wise to have your commercial roof inspected before you need to rely heavily on its integrity. Contact our Bay Area commercial roofing experts now to schedule inspections or repairs. Call (510) 690-8570 or Contact Us Online.