residential roofing with snow

Avoid Emergency Roof Repair With These Tips

When winter finally comes, the weather can be harsh on residential roofing. An unprepared roof may cause several problems due to excessive snowfall and freeze, leading to expensive repairs or even worse – permanent damage. What exactly are the issues of winter? Keep on reading to find out.

1. Strong winds

The high winds can really wear your roof down if it is unprepared. When the wind picks up speed, they can cause the asphalt shingles to loosen and eventually get displaced. So, keep an eye out for any loose shingles or parts of your roof lying on the ground because they indicate it’s time for roof repair.

2. Condensation

Condensation during winter is inevitable due to warm air meeting cold surface. If your attic is not properly insulated, it might act as a breeding ground for mold and mildew caused by condensation. Its effects can really take a toll on your home’s interior by giving it a bad look. How do you prevent this? Be sure to properly ventilate your attic as inadequate ventilation is known to shorten the roof’s overall lifespan.

3. Ice dams

Ice dams are common in some parts of the world, and it happens when the upper layers of an icy roof start to thaw while the lower perimeter areas are frozen. The ice that melts from the warmer sections flows down and gets refrigerated again on the lower parts, causing an ice dam. Because water pools behind the ice dam, it might leak into your home through cracks in the roof and cause major damage.

4. Flashing leaks

Flashing leaks are widespread for those having sloped roofs. Flashing, if not installed correctly, can start to loosen up during a storm and cause water leaks. We advise you to check up on these strips of metal every six months or so if you don’t want it causing any problem.

5. Damage from trees

Having trees in your yard is good, but it comes at a price. Overhanging tree limbs often scrape roof’s surface and damage the upper protective layer. Heavy branches falling on rooftops are the worst because they cause the most amount of damage.

6. Icicles

What happens when sunny days and subfreezing temperature come together? Icicles that can wear your roof down. These shiny looking things even pose a danger to people and animals thanks to their heavier-than-they-appear weight. To prevent icicles from occurring, get in touch with a Bay Area gutter repair company to keep the clear from of needles, leaves, and debris.

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