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Our Bay Area Roofing Contractors Discuss Tips for Skylights and Daylighting

Skylights can add an element of beauty and sophistication to any home—when they’re done right. When done incorrectly, they become an expensive liability. Use these tips to help you avoid the common pitfalls of skylight installation:

1. Only Work with Quality Materials

You get what you pay for when it comes to home improvements and residential roofing. A skylight is essentially a window in your roof and can lead to serious water damage when materials fail. This is one thing that you should be committed to spending money on. Make sure to look into the energy efficiency ratings and UV protection. A skylight should increase the value of your home, not detract from it.

2. Consult the Blueprints

Any experienced Oakland roofing contractor can tell you to look before you cut. Consult the blueprints of your home to make sure that your skylight placement doesn’t interfere with load-bearing supports, electrical wiring, or other interior features. Cutting without proper planning can lead to costly repairs.

3. A Little Rain Can be a Big Deal

Paying attention to your local weather forecast can help you to avoid cutting and installation in the middle of a rainstorm. This project needs to be done correctly, and adverse weather can introduce moisture where it can ruin the quality of the skylight.

4. Safety First

Skylight installation can require you to spend a lengthy amount of time doing precise work on a roof. Having the proper ladder, footwear, and safety harnesses can be the difference between life and death. Some experts recommend using roof jacks to create a safe platform from which to work. Make sure that you’re aware of the risks and can handle the heights before committing to the project.

5. Do the Math

Always figure the slope of the area prior to purchasing your flashing and other materials. Failure to take exact measurements can leave you with the wrong materials at a critical moment.

6. Work from the Inside

Starting the skylight installation from the inside via the attic or other means can make the process simpler and safer. It will be easier to mark the exact area for the hole and to see where to work when you do transition to the roof.

7. Cutting Through Shingles is Harder

It’s always a good idea to remove the shingles from your roof over the area where you’ll be working. This cuts back on the mess and makes it easier to see what you’re doing.

8. Protect the Skylight from Water

Look for as many waterproof products as possible when installing your skylight. Waterproof flashing and additional seals can help stop water and ice from collecting on the area and weakening it over time.

9. Drywall the Area

This may seem like an unnecessary step, but anything worth doing is worth doing well. Drywalling and insulating the area around the skylight will help ensure that it’s watertight and increase the visual appeal.

10. Ventilation

A self-ventilating skylight can be opened to allow increased airflow throughout the room. This is an option that many homeowners recommend looking in to.

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