diy roofing safety tips from a bay area roofing contractor

What You Should Know About DIY Roofing Safety Issues

Got some roofing projects that you want to do yourself; without the help of a professional Bay Area roofing contractor? Before you embark on your DIY roofing tasks, make safety a priority with these ten tips for your roofing repair projects:

1. Safety in numbers. Make sure that you let someone know that you are working on the roof; don’t do it alone when no one is home or nearby just in case of an accident.

2. Be prepared. Take some time to prepare your supplies in advance. Make a list of what you will need to curb trips up and down the ladder, which can be tiresome and dangerous.

3. Watch the weather. Choose to work on a day that is warm and dry to ensure you don’t slip on the roof’s surface. Also, don’t plan to work too-early in the day or you run the risk of a slick roof due to dew.

4. Don’t hurry. Most accidents and falls happen when people hurry. Take your time and stay safe. If you are in a time-crunch, hire a professional roofing company.

5. Take a seat. Invest in a roofing seat, which is a clever and convenient seat that secures to the pitch of the roof, giving you a place to sit during chores such as shingling, which can be exhausting. Taking a seat may prevent cramps, tingling, and fatigue in your legs when you stand, which may help reduce the risk of a fall.

6. Clean and clear first. Sweep and clear the roof’s surface first. Remove debris, leaves, and dirt that could cause you to slip or fall.

7. Protect yourself. Whenever possible, wear a safety harness and use toe holds for optimal safety on the roof.

8. Use the ladder properly. Be vigilant about ladder safety and only use according to manufacturer’s recommendations. Failure to follow the recommended use could compromise the ladder’s safety and stability.

9. Wear the right shoes. Make sure to wear non-slip, rubber soled footwear with a decent tread whenever walking or working on your roof.

10. Be realistic. Be realistic and know your limits when it comes to the task at hand. If you are unsure or over-your-head, call a pro.

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