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What You Should Know About These Common Residential And Commercial Roofing Issues

While there are some roof repairs that you can perform yourself, others are complex, risky, and require a specific skill set. We discuss 10 common roof issues that need professional roofing services.

1. Moisture and leakages – the roof is continually battered by the elements. Even a well-constructed and quality roof experiences wear and tear due to exposure to the rain, snow, hail, and the wind. Common signs of leaks include damp walls or discolored ceiling.

2. Pooling water – water pools on your roof that stand for more than 48 hours pose a huge problem. Common causes include clogged gutters, drainage problems on your HVAC, and debris builds up.

3. Tree damage – overhanging tree branches that continually rub on your roof will eventually wear it off. Besides, they could fall on your roof and cause extensive damage. Trees also cause debris build-up thus encouraging moss and mold growth.

4. Clogged gutters and downspouts – poorly maintained or clogged gutters could cause water to back up rather than draining off. This back up leads to water pooling and could cause your roof’s eaves to rot.

5. Damaged shingles – over time, shingles could get warped or be ripped off. Also, continuous exposure to the elements eventually causes the protective coating on shingles to wear off.

6. Improper installations or repairs – your roof is bound to have problems if it was installed incorrectly. Having all your repairs or installations carried out by a proficient Oakland roofing contractor saves you money in the long run as you will need infrequent repairs.

7. Punctures – foot traffic, wild winds, and hail could cause punctures on your roof. Single-ply roofs are more prone to punctures as they are thinner. If not repaired in time these punctures can lead to extensive roof damage.

8. Shrinkage – shrinkage of the roof membranes is caused by poor installation, moisture, and adverse weather. When it happens, it causes the roof to pull away from the flashing along with cracking of the shingles.

9. Animal damage – animals and pests such as mice, birds. raccoons, squirrels, and wasps could find their way into your home through the roof. Not only are they a sign of other problems such as gaps or holes, but they compromise on your roof’s structural integrity.

10. Poor maintenance – carrying out regular inspections and maintenance helps identify Bay Area roofing issues before they deteriorate and become costly.

Bay Area Roofing Contractors Can Help

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