Residential Roofing Should Not be Ignored in The Winter

prepping your bay area roofing for winter weather

The Bay Area may not have a real winter with snowball fights, but heavy rain falls and winds sure lead to foggy and chilly days. Extra care for your roof now, can help keep your home safe and cozy throughout the season. It’s wise to have a professional San Francisco residential roofing company do a visual inspection as soon as the tree’s leaves change color.

Quick Roof Assessment

Now that you’ve tucked in your summer camp gear or golf cart, it’s time to get busy with home maintenance. Damages may or may not be evident from the ground, but you can easily determine the state of your roof with a bit more attention to detail.

Do you notice missing shingles or sagging around the ridge line? Has there been any damage from nearby trees or fallen branches? Don’t attempt to climb up the ladder if nothing seems unusual! Note that roof examination can be very dangerous, especially on high or sloped roofs which can be tricky and risky to thoroughly check.

Avoid accidents by calling the pros. An inspection from an expert Bay Area roofing contractor will catch any potential issues, uncover the need for emergency roof repair, and save you from winter headaches!

Professional Roofing Services

What happens during a professional roof tune-up? You can expect all areas to be checked for any gaps that makes your roof vulnerable to water entry. The contractor will get up-close and personal with the shingles to examine for weathered spots like flashings, plumbing stacks, antenna mounts, and re-apply the appropriate roofing sealant as necessary.

The roof gutter will be cleaned of accumulated leaves and debris. It’s not uncommon to see shingle granules that have fallen off from previous installation, and a tennis ball blocking the path. After clearing the obstructions, a quick flush with a garden hose is usually done to ensure that rain water can drain quickly off the roof and flow freely through the downspouts. If you don’t have one yet, it’s best to have a filter or gutter guard secured in place.

One area that must not be overlooked is the attic. Ample, evenly distributed insulation promotes the circulation of much-needed warmer air in winter days. Most importantly, proper precautions will be observed for everyone’s safety and your roof’s protection.

Contact Your Local Bay Area Roofing Contractor for Help

Make an appointment with today’s trusted Oakland roofing contractor to make sure your roof is in tip-top shape for winter. Contact Ben’s Roofing online today for a timely maintenance and a worry-free rainy winter season!