Bay Area Gutter Repair Advice

San Francisco RoofingTo avoid costly roof repair or gutter repair, maintain your gutters during the harsh winter season. San Francisco, Oakland, and other communities in the Bay Area generally avoid the blizzards, ice storms, and other incapacitating winter events that hit places like Minnesota and New England. However, the wet and windy weather can clog up gutters, cause structural damage, and lead to the build-up of mold, mildew, leaks, stains, or rotting to the foundation and siding.

First of all, eliminate major clogs. If it’s at or near freezing temperatures, wait until the weather thaws so that you’re not trying pull out chunks of ice. Use a trowel or scoop to pull out clogging materials, such as leaves, branches, animal debris, etc. Wear heavy gloves, and be careful when you use a ladder.

In addition to cleaning out the goop in the gutters, inspect the gutters to make sure they are anchored appropriately. There shouldn’t be any open seams or damage to the roof or structure. Make sure the downspouts can effectively move water away from the house so it does not pool by the foundation or by the wall. Pools of rainwater can create leaks, spots, and structural problems, which can be very costly to repair later.

Gutter cleaning can be quite a chore. It’s hard work, and it can be dangerous if you lack the right tools or if your gutters are challenging to reach. To avoid the need for gutter repair, create a maintenance schedule that you can follow regularly. For instance, you might want to do a spring cleaning and a winter cleaning. Pay attention to problem areas. For instance, if a tree near your house sheds debris in your gutters regularly, consider trimming the tree.

What’s the strangest thing you‘ve found while cleaning out your gutters?

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