Gutter installation

Bay Area Gutter Maintenance Tips From our Roofing Contractors

When making an inventory of key elements for the home, you must keep gutters in mind. The gutter is the unsung hero of your property’s roof. Without it, disaster and damage ensue. What is it that makes them so vital? Gutters bring much to the table, and to your building investment.

Gutters Extend the Life of the Roof

When your gutters work properly, they help to guide water away and off the roof. Moving the water along off the roof helps to preserve it and extend its useful life. Sitting water spells disaster for roofing materials; gutters serve as an aid and complement the function of the roof.

Gutters Prevent Staining

Have you ever seen slightly orange or dark stains on the side of a home or building? This may be caused by water that comes in contact with the walls, doors, and windows of a property. Water can be very damaging; if gutters are not working right, water will drip and leak down the side of the structure. Over time, this fosters the growth of mold and mildew, too.

Gutters Keep Your Basement Dry

How is your basement? If the answer is ‘damp’, you may need work done to your gutter system. When water, like rain, is not guided effectively away from your home, it can settle and pool in the basement. That equates to a wet, mildew smelling, and unpleasant situation all the way around. This could result in costly home damages.

Gutters Give the Home Curb Appeal

Gutters bring an aesthetic element to a building, too. That is, they can make the home look better, complementing the color and style of the property. Did you know that you can choose different colors and styles of gutters? Talk to your home and roofing contractor to learn more!

Gutters Preserve Shingles

Take care of your roof and it will take care of you- this includes the roof shingles. Gutters get rid of water so that it is not saturating the shingles and causing them to deteriorate. Think of asphalt shingles, for instance; prolonged exposure to water can degrade the asphalt coating and granules on each shingle. Gutters moving water along helps to preserve the shingles, longer.

Our San Francisco Roofing Contractors are Here to Help

As you can see, gutters are important. Do your gutters need work? Don’t delay dealing with subpar gutter systems; talk to Ben’s Roofing, a San Francisco roofing company, about Bay Area gutter installation. Got problems that extend to the roof of your property? Ben’s Roofing is a HOA roof replacement professional, too. Contact us here anytime!