Roofing Contractor Tips for Avoiding Tree Damage to Your Home

Tree Maintenance Tips for Preventing Roof Repair

Trees beautifully support many landscapes, but when placed too close to the home, they often cause severe damage to the roof not to mention other structural components. To avoid having to hire a roofing contractor in the very near future to repair damage on your Bay Area home, consider these tree maintenance tips:

  • Hire an arborist to assess the trees in your yard if you have complex issues and need a professional’s perspective. A specialist can identify current problems as well as ones you likely wouldn’t notice, such as infections or growth problems – precursors to future damage.
  • Keep limbs trimmed and away from the home to protect the roof and keep squirrels and other pests away. Some people choose to do this work themselves, but the “DIY” approach comes with several risks. For instance, your trimming job might “unbalance” the trees, making them more likely to fall or shed branches in a strong wind. Homeowners who want to save on the expense of hiring someone to trim the branches actually end up paying more in the long run for roof repair or replacement.
  • Remove leaves and other debris from your roof on a regular basis. Leaves clog gutters, and when they clump together in eaves or along sections of the roof, they disrupt water flow from rain and melting snow. Water can then slip under the shingles and create a leak.
  • Remove all vines growing on your home. Many people love the look of ivy, but windy vines have the ability to penetrate shingles, creating the potential for leaks.

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