Four Things to Consider when Updating Your Gutters

Gutter Installation from a Bay Area Roofing Contractor

Image courtesy of Custom-Bilt Metals

Gutters protect your foundation by collecting rainwater and channeling it away from the home. To keep your gutters working properly, follow these simple gutter installation and maintenance tips.

  • Buy the right equipment. To be effective, gutters must be the right size for your home. Use a gutter-sizing calculator to figure out what size gutters you need.
  • Angle gutters properly. Gutters must be angled slightly to carry water to the downspout. Position your downspouts first, then use a chalk line to align your gutters. Seal all gutter pieces tightly and use a jug of water to check for leaks.
  • Inspect gutters regularly. Inspect your gutters on a regular basis to ensure that they are free of damage and debris. Clean out your gutters during inspection and perform any necessary gutter repair.
  • Call a professional if necessary. If you aren’t sure how to install or maintain your own gutters, or if you find a problem that requires expert attention, contact a professional who specializes in gutter and roof repair to help you resolve the issue.

Avoid Emergency Roof or Gutter Repairs by contacting a Professional

Rather than handle and troubleshoot your gutter work yourself, contact the expert Bay Area roofing team at 510-590-8570, or fill out our online contact form here on our website.  Here at Ben’s Roofing we strive for efficient, quality work that will protect your most important property investment.