Recognizing Areas Needing Roof Repair


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Whether you’re a condo owner searching for a roofing contractor to do needed repair work or a Bay Area homeowner who needs assistance with repairing your gutter system after a devastating storm, you know it’s “maintenance time.” But you’re a bit confused. How can you approach the process in a way that will save you time, conserve your cash, and minimize risk?

First things first, inspect the outside of your building. The National Association of Home Inspectors President, Curtis Niles, explains why: “winter is tough on roofs and chimneys… it’s good to do a walk around of your property, especially after a storm.” Niles also warns about the possibility of nails pushing up through shingles. These slight perforations can allow water to seep into the roofing structure and cause damage like mold, rotting, etc.

The next strategy is kind of a “meta strategy.” Obviously, you want to do the correct “tactical stuff” – such as inspecting exterior walls, looking for masonry cracks in foundations, surveying windows for leaks, and making sure that your home or building is totally up to code. But more importantly, you also want to document your maintenance process. What do you do on a seasonal basis to protect your roof? Your process shouldn’t be guesswork and you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every season.

Get professional assistance with your roofing maintenance

The team here at Ben’s Roofing can help you identify any problems, take care of any critical maintenance work, and set up your maintenance process to succeed, long term. If you’re a homeowner or building owner who needs roof repair, call us today at 510-690-8570 for a free estimate.