You’ve been reading lots of good things about skylight installation, but you’re not sure whether skylights or solar tubes would be better for your Bay Area business or home.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each approach.

The Upside


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Both skylights and sun tubes let you to stream sunlight into your space, thus reducing lighting and energy costs. Physiological studies suggest that natural sunlight is much better for people than artificial light. Sunlight can boost Vitamin D levels, which are linked with many health indicators, such as insulin sensitivity and cortisol. Natural sunlight also “feels better” aesthetically. Properly installing skylights or solar tubes can boost the value of your home or business space. Finally, both technologies are more affordable and safer than ever before.

Traditional Skylights Or Solar Tubes?

Solar Tubes Sun Tubes

Image courtesy of Velux USA

Advocates of skylights will tell you that skylights provide more ambient light than solar tubes because they offer a wider surface area of sun exposure. Depending on the installation, skylights can be easier to clean and maintain (although that’s not always true). Skylights can also be opened up during nice days to let in fresh air.

Solar tubes advocates, on the other hand, point out that sun tubes costs less to install. They don’t take up as much room, and you don’t need to paint, reframe, or mess around with the drywall. They are also more burglar proof, and ambitious do-yourselfers can install them. They’re also great for “tight fit” spaces, like closets, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

The Limits

Both options are limited. The slope and direction of your roof can limit how light enters your space. In the Northern hemisphere, southwestern facing roofs get more sun because of the tilt of the Earth. Weather and other local factors (such as the presence of trees or buildings) can interfere with the natural light or at least make construction more challenging.

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