oakland skylight installation

Daylighting and Commercial Roofing

Skylights are the perfect investment for commercial business owners looking to upgrade their roofing. A seasoned roofing contractor can quickly help you decide what the best options are for you when it comes to installing your new skylights. Here are 5 great reasons to consider installing skylights at your place of business:

Increase in sales
An increase in sales is one of the most beneficial results that can come from skylight installation. Brighter, more natural light will improve all areas of your marketing, from clearer pictures and videos, to a more visible product. Sometimes seeing things in a new light is all it takes to make them more desirable. Customers will appreciate how clean and bright your skylights make your entire establishment.

Improved productivity
The filtered sunlight streaming in through your ceilings is sure to motivate your employees. Whether it is to work harder so that they can go outside and enjoy the day, or it is motivating them just by energizing them, productivity will increase. They will feel more relaxed and comfortable, which will lead to less stress and less mental blocks and getting more work done.

Improved employee morale
Another added benefit of having skylights installed at your commercial building is the increase in employee morale. Aside from the fact that they will be working harder, your employees will also feel more positively toward their workplace. Natural light makes people happy and reminds them of the outside. Your employees will be able to enjoy feel-good light as they complete tasks throughout the day, making it a win for everyone. San Francisco commercial roofing companies are working hard to install skylights throughout the Bay Area for this very reason.

Lower energy bills
One of the best benefits of having skylights in your building is the lower energy bills due to the absence of artificial lighting. Even more efficient light bulbs can still produce large energy bills where an entire building full of offices and employees is concerned. With skylights, there is virtually no need for turning on the lights during the daylight hours. This saves hundreds of hours of electricity usage every month. These are costs that can be put to good use elsewhere in your business.

Make an Impression with Bay Area Skylight Installation

When clients come to visit your location, it is always important to impress them with your building and your employees. A great way to make an impression on potential customers is to show them how energy efficient and smart you are by installing skylights. They will love the savings you have collected as well as the happy atmosphere and morale of your company. Commercial property owners looking for Bay Area skylight installation know they can depend on Ben’s Roofing for all of their roofing needs. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!