If you are a property owner, taking care of your roof is an imperative part of routine maintenance. Failure to do so can result in costly damages, even injury- but do you know the signs that it is time to replace your commercial roof? Call on a San Francisco roofing company if you notice the following signs of a problem with your building’s roof:


Perhaps the most common indicator of roof damage is a leak. This applies to both commercial properties, as well as your home, too. While some leaks could result in water literally seeping into your building, it may manifest earlier in stains, water spots, drips, mold, or mildew- so stay vigilant and have your roof inspected annually. Talk to a Bay Area reroofing contractor if you notice leaking- or to find out more.

Bare Spots

Many commercial buildings utilize flat roof systems- often metal- and a roofing membrane is a vital component. Problems arise when there are bald or bare spots, allowing the membrane to lift and moisture to leech inside. The roof will need to be resealed to prevent significant water damage over time. If you notice such issues with your roof, contact a roofing company right away.


Do you see any bubbles or small blisters along the surface of your roof? This is another sign that you need the services of a roofing contractor in the area. This is typically the case when moisture becomes trapped underneath the materials of your roof- remaining there and causing damage. Again, blisters and bubbles are a sign that the roof is compromised and in need of attention.


It may be easier to identify sags when assessing the condition of your roof, especially if it is a flat roofing system. Moisture can cause sagging, but so can the way that your roof is installed. When new roofs are installed over existing roofs, it can also cause sagging later-on.

How old is your roof? A commercial roof typically lasts up to 25 years- older roofs are more vulnerable and at-risk for damage. Keep an eye out for any of these signs of a roofing issue- and schedule maintenance, as needed, promptly. Talk to a professional and reputable Oakland roofing contractor at Ben’s Roofing to learn more today!