Roofing Tips from a San Francisco Roofing Company

San Francisco Roofing CompanyWhen building or replacing a roof, you need to choose the correct style, look, and raw materials for your roof. Residential roofing is about both function and look; homeowners often need insight from trained professionals to ensure satisfactory, cost effective work.

The style of your house may limit your options, forcing you, for instance, to use or avoid certain types of roofing materials. Older frames may not be able to support heavier materials like slate or cement. Residents in harsh climates (e.g. exposed to harsh, direct Bay Area breezes and storms) may need to consider the impact of heavy winds, torrential rain, and other elements.

Here are the seven main types of roofing materials:

  1. Wood. Typically made of cedar, wood shingles are cost-effective, but they can be susceptible to fire. Wood roofing needs to be replaced more often than other choices.
  2. Metal. This is a moderately expensive material that can come in a variety of types, colors, and finishes.
  3. Asphalt. The most common material used in modern commercial roofing, asphalt can be reinforced with other materials to improve its strength and resistance. Moderate in weight and very cheap, asphalt roofing needs to be replaced often.
  4. Plastic. Synthetic tiles are lightweight, and they offer moderate weather resistance. They can be made to resemble most types of tile.
  5. Concrete. This is the least expensive option for resistant tiles. Concrete is very, very heavy, however, and you may need to reinforce the frame of your home or building.
  6. Slate. Very wind and fire resistant, slate’s durability depends on its grade. A slate solution can be more viable if you have a steep roof.
  7. Clay Tiles. Made from natural materials, clay is a “green” option that can be used on steep slopes. It’s expensive and very heavy, but it can hold up well to the elements.

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