Preparing Your Bay Area Roofing and Gutter Systems for Winter

Is Your Roofing and Gutter Systems Ready for El Niño

As summer comes to a close, California residents must prepare to batten down the hatches for the upcoming rainy season. Given this year’s dire El Niño prediction – some meteorologists say it could be the most intense El Niño in decades — proper preparation can mean the difference between a worry-free winter and the potential for serious damage and emergency roof repair at the worst possible time.

To get your roof ready for El Niño:

1. Check for damage.
Look for loose shingles or tiles, leaks and weak spots. Keep in mind that California law requires a permit for any repairs or re-roofing that involve more than 100 square feet of your roof.

2. Clean the gutters.
Clean gutters and drains mean efficient drainage. Remove all debris and replace worn gutters before the rains come. Remember that California building code requires gutters made of at least schedule 40 plastic or a noncombustible material. Our team can assist with any gutter installation or repair questions that you may have.

3. Call a Roofing Contractor.
If you’d rather not deal with your roof’s maintenance on your own, a bonded and licensed roofing contractor can check your roof for hidden damage and weaknesses, recommend repairs and help you deal with any issues.

If you’re unsure about the condition of your roof, and whether or not it’s ready for the upcoming rainy season, let along “El Niño” conditions, the experienced Bay Area roofing team at Ben’s Roofing is here to help.

Avoid Emergency Roof Repair this Fall and Winter by Calling a Bay Area Roofing Contractor

Right now, the Bay Area is still sun-kissed and relatively calm. However, the placid days are numbered, and homeowners and property managers should consider doing key preventative maintenance checks now to protect their investments and avoid expensive and unwanted roofing repairs months from now. Call the Ben’s Roofing team today at (510) 690-8570 to schedule a roof inspection and ensure peace of mind regardless of how the weather turns out.