Why Do Roofing Contractors Install Roof Ventilation?

Commercial & Residential Roofing Ventilation

Regardless of the form and function of the property you own every roof, even in the dry Bay Area climate, needs proper ventilation to protect you or your tenants, avoid zoning violations, and guarantee the longevity of your roofing system and the structure it protects. 

Purpose of Attic Ventilation
Attic ventilation allows moisture to escape from your home or office building attic in the colder months, preventing the growth of mold and mildew. Attic ventilation also prevents the formation of ice dams on your roof in colder climates which can damage fascia, trim boards and soffits.

Myths about Ventilation
Several pervasive myths about ventilation persist online and elsewhere; fortunately, any reputable roofing company can explain the facts and help you avoid costly roofing work that may be necessitated by improper ventilation or original installation of your roofing system.

One common myth, which at first glance makes sense, lies in the belief that proper attic ventilation reduces your air conditioning bills, this isn’t really the case. In reality, cooling the air in the attic won’t have much effect on the air in your home, however if your attic is not properly sealed from the rest of the home some hot air can push it’s way down into your living space if your attic is not properly vented. Likewise, attic ventilation is unlikely to extend the natural life of your roof by more than two years.

That being said, proper ventilation does help to prevent mold formation and protect your roof from moisture related damage. Ventilation is especially important for newer homes built from processed wood, as this type of wood is the perfect breeding ground for mold. To identify and resolve issues with your home’s ventilation, contact a qualified roofing contractor.

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